KungFu Rider - Playstation 3

KungFu Rider - Playstation 3

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Private detective Toby and his assistant Karin seem to have upset a mob, and are now fighting their way out, on an office chair.

KungFu Rider is PlayStation Move game. The player controls the detective through crowded streets as he fights mobsters with his Kung Fu moves, in different modes. In the top left of the screen is a live feed of the character's reactions, the Reaction Shot monitor. Every bad move will break a part of it, until it is completely broken and the game is over. Toby and Karin can use their Power Dash when a gauge gets filled by knocking out mobsters and riding through Power Dash grids.

The first time a level is played, Toby and Karin must simply escape the mob using a shorter and easier route; a harder 'Revenge' version featuring tougher mobsters can later be played. In the Final series, Toby and Karin must reach their office through streets full of mobsters and unyielding car drivers and pedestrians. In the Free series, the goal is to collect all the detective medals scattered in a level. Even when leaving the level, the gathered medals are recorded.

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