Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition - Nintendo Wii

Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition - Nintendo Wii

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This compilation consists of six games released on the Game Boy, NES, SNES and Nintendo 64 from 1992 to 2000:

As an addition, there is a booklet telling the history of the franchise and a music cd with 42 remixed and not remixed sound tracks from many Kirby games, plus 3 bonus tracks.

The games are played holding the Wii Remote horizontally in the manner of a classic controller, to give a feel similar to how they were played on their original release. There is a challenge game mode, revolving around attaining high scores and consisting of three new levels that take inspiration from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

In the in-game museum, trailers for every game in the Kirby's franchise history and episodes from the TV series can be watched, while manga featuring the orotund Nintendo mascot can be read as well; furthermore, game packages of all Kirby games are available for being viewed closely, rotating them as one wishes. Curious notions of history are given as well, such as that in 1994 the first genetically engineered tomatoes went on sale.

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