Kinect Sports - Xbox 360

Kinect Sports - Xbox 360

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Kinect Sports is one of the launch games for Microsoft's Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360 where movement of the players using their body and limbs, not a physical controller, is translated onscreen through their Xbox 360 Avatars. All included games are simulations of real-life sports. There are three main game modes: a main event for one or two players locally or over Xbox Live, Party Play for multiple players in a single room, and Mini-Games where the included sports are presented with a variation in the gameplay. Not all games share the same free-for-all or cooperative options. For AI opponents the player can also determine the difficulty level. Party Play consists of variations of the main sports as well, for up to six players divided over two teams. A session generally lasts fifteen minutes with six rounds. A game is chosen by turning a wheel and then each team has to appoint a player to compete.

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