Kid Icarus: Uprising - Nintendo 3DS

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Nintendo 3DS

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Kid Icarus Uprising is the third full game in the Kid Icarus series with a story taking place 25 years after the events of the first game--as well as being released 25 years later.

The story involves the recent uprising of Underworld forces and the return of Medusa, who, as it happens, has waited 25 years for this return. The goddess Palutena has called upon her greatest servant, Pit, to jump into the fray to defend Palutena's honor and to take out all the Underworld forces. Pit flies over a variety of landscapes and environments and into the fray through intense ground missions. Palutena has only enough power to grant Pit the power of flight for five minutes, during which time, Pit must reach his next destination. Afterwards, Pit takes the fight to the ground. The story is told through fully voice-acted dialog during gameplay, with character art appearing on the lower screen.

The basic gameplay is a shooter similar to Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, where players move Pit with the Circle Pad and target enemies with the touch-screen. Firing shots is performed with the L button. There is a lefty mode handled with the Circle Pad Pro, but no dual-analog/Circle Pad option. Each stage is broken up into two segments: An aerial segment with Pit flying to his destination, and a ground segment with Pit venturing towards a goal (typically with a boss) on foot. Basic controls are largely the same for both segments with some exceptions. On foot, players can swing the camera around by swiping the touch-screen, as well as access a variety of Powers. During aerial segments, the camera is automatic and there are two Special Attack icons which are filled during combat.

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