Karaoke Revolution - Playstation 2

Karaoke Revolution - Playstation 2

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Karaoke Revolution allows PlayStation 2 gamers to show off their singing skills and get real-time feedback on their performances. It's similar to Dance Dance Revolution, but with singing instead of dancing.

Players sing using the Logitech PS2 Headset (or other approved PlayStation 2 USB microphone devices). The game rates the player's performance based on their vocal pitch and timing. A visual indicator shows the player's current pitch in real time and also the pitch of vocals of the original song. If the original notes of the song are too high for the player's vocal range, the game allows the player to sing at higher or lower octaves to hit the correct notes.

If the player sings well, the crowd gets into the performance by clapping, cheering and dancing. If the performance is bad, the audience becomes bored and the user can get booed off the stage.

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