Kabookii - Nintendo Wii

Kabookii - Nintendo Wii

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Cranium Kabooki is based off of the board games with the same name. It has fifteen different puzzles with four different categories. There are four main characters throughout the game: Creative Cat, Data Head, Word Worm, and Star Performer.

Each character requires you to use different skills for each, Creative Cat has you draw certain items on the screen, while Data Head has you answering trivia questions, Star Performer has you acting out and performing certain actions with the Wii remote, and Word Worm is more word-oriented and has you unscramble or build words to pass.

It can support up to four different players and not only uses the Wii-remote, but comes with a decoder mask that allows the players to see hidden clues on the TV screen without revealing the answers to the other players in the room.

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