Just Dance Kids 2 - Xbox 360

Just Dance Kids 2 - Xbox 360

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Just Dance Kids 2014 is the third game in the Just Dance Kids sub-series of the Just Dance franchise. The game contains thirty music tracks for a younger audience where players need to mimic the dance routines shown on the screen. The music selection is a mix of covers and original recordings with both older and newer songs and artists such as Harry Belafonte and One Direction, but also Mary Had a Little Lamb. Each song has its own dance routine shown by performers on the screen. Next to dance moves for each song there is also a difficulty level with a different type of effort required and they are marked either for a younger or an older player.

On Xbox 360 movement is captured through the Kinect peripheral. On Wii (U) this is done by tracking movement of the Wii Remote. Up to four players are supported and on the Wii U a fifth player can use the GamePad to control the game as a dance director, similar to the Party Master in Just Dance 2014. As a director the player does not alter the choreography, but can choose on of four silly dance styles the other players have to perform. The director can rate the performance (anonymously) by tapping. The vibrant visual style of the main series is replaced by less hectic animations and effects, replacing them with various costumes for the performers instead. The overall performance is rated through a character near the top of the screen.

Parents can follow their children to optionally disable scores in the game, view the most played songs, how long the game has been played and the amount of burned calories.

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