Just Dance 2014 - Playstation 3

Just Dance 2014 - Playstation 3

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Just Dance 2014 is the fifth main game in the dancing series where players are rated for their ability to mimic dance routines to popular songs. For Xbox 360 and Xbox One the whole body movement is analyzed through the Kinect peripheral. The PS3 and PS4 track movement through the PlayStation Eye (optional) and PlayStation Camera respectively along with the Move peripheral, which is optional for the PS4 version. For the Wii and Wii U the Wii Remote is used to track movement and for Wii U the GamePad can be used as a karaoke mike or to direct the scenes with a free-roaming camera. Up to four players dancing simultaneously are supported with up to six for Xbox One. For consoles supporting a microphone, a karaoke mode is supported. There the game does not rate the player's words, but the notes and pitch.

Returning from the previous games is the classic free-dance mode. A new on-stage mode has one player doing a lead role while two other players do backup routines. Another mode introduces ghost recordings of routines from prior games to compete. The party master mode is exclusive to Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and builds on the pupper master mode from the Wii U version of Just Dance 4. It allows one player to change the moves, songs and rules for up to four players on the fly. On the Wii U this is done on the GamePad, for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One with the regular controller and for Xbox One also optionally through Xbox Smartglass. Non-stop shuffle and the dance quests from the previous game are no longer available. The online multiplayer mode for all consoles is called the world dance floor mode. It keeps global leaderboards. Players can exchange clips, also on social networks.

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