Just Cause 3 - Playstation 4

Just Cause 3 - Playstation 4

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Just Cause 3 is the third main game in the action series set in an open world environment with a focus on shooting, causing destruction and over-the-top violence and stunts. The protagonist is once again the Mexican Rico Rodriguez. Set six years after the events of the previous game, Rico returns to Medici, the fictional Mediterranean island where he grew up until dictator General Sebastiano Di Ravello took control. The main story sees him team up with the scientist Dimah al-Masri and his former childhood friend Mario Frigo. They work for the rebellion who seek to overthrow Di Ravello and thwart his plans to take over the entire world. At first however, Rico needs to sabotage many operations and help to establish the rebellion's influence, before the dictator can be taken on. Agent Sheldon from the previous game also returns.

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