Jonas - Nintendo DS

Jonas - Nintendo DS

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'Jonas' for the Nintendo DS allows players to live out the rockstar life with Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas (collectively known as the Jonas Brothers).

The game includes 3 modes: Story Mode (where players need to help the Jonas brothers with their everyday life in several episodes, as well as evading the onslaught of crazed fans), Minigames (where players can help the Jonas brothers to complete household tasks and at their high school in several minigames unlocked throughout the adventure) and Performance (where players can jam with the Jonas brothers in 6 live concert performances).

Gameplay involves holding the stylus to make the selected Jonas move in the desired direction, as well as tapping other characters to talk to them, collecting items and so on. The Pause menu (by pressing Start) includes a To-do list (showing the current objectives) and a map of the current location, as well as additional features unlocked in the adventure. The game also includes locations based on the 'Jonas' television series, particularly the Jonas household and the high school.

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