Jimmie Johnson's: Anything With An Engine - Nintendo Wii

Jimmie Johnson's: Anything With An Engine - Nintendo Wii

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 As the title of the game implies, Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine allows the players to race in themed races ranging from modern tracks to rural roads with several drivers whose machines range from bathtubs to concrete mixers and even World War II bombs outfitted with engines. The gameplay is similar to the Mario Kart games with players using weapons to knock out opponents.

To obtain these weapons the player must gain fan votes by either performing well during the race or by running over green and yellow fan switches which add to the vote count. There are three different weapons including mines, missiles and ram along with a nitro boost. As players gain more votes they can level up their weapons, making them more dangerous. Additionally there are traps scattered throughout the tracks that the player can activate by running over and destroying opponents caught in the path.

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