J. League: Perfect Striker - Nintendo 64

J. League: Perfect Striker - Nintendo 64

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Jikkyō J. League: Perfect Striker is a soccer video game and is the third title in the International Superstar Soccer series, and the first soccer game released on the Nintendo 64.

The main mode of the game is J League Challenge, where players play 30 matches from April to October, facing each team twice. The team with the most wins and goals at the end of the league wins. After completing the league, players can play a secret game against a new team. The game also features a penalty kick challenge mode, a tournament mode, and a training mode where players can practice various soccer skills. The game also offers various options, including game length, difficulty, sound, and commentary, which players can customize to their liking. Jikkyō J. League: Perfect Striker allows players to create and edit players and teams, trade players and teams between controller paks, and delete registered/created players.


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