Jig-a-Pix Pets - Nintendo DS

Jig-a-Pix Pets - Nintendo DS

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Jig-A-Pix Pets is a collection of jigsaw puzzles for all ages including a variety of household pets (10 puzzles each in a total of 8 categories) such as dogs, cats, ponies, rabbits and much more. This is one of 4 games in the 'Jig-A-Pix' series for the Nintendo DS.

The main gameplay consists of using the Nintendo DS stylus to flick jigsaw pieces from the box lid on the Touch Screen to the table top at the top screen and then dragging them to the correct places. The L, R, Down or B buttons also allow the player to switch between the two screens and are required to select a puzzle piece, press one of the aforementioned buttons and then release the stylus. Both methods are optional for each player.

Before each jigsaw puzzle, players can select their preferred puzzle preferences such as selecting the number of pieces they want to use, as well as choosing whether to enable puzzle piece rotation or not (If this option is enabled, pieces can be rotated left (using either Left or Y) or right (using either A or Right)). Other options include enabling Piece Outlines (to show players where each piece goes) and Ghost Image (an image of the already completed puzzle is shown on the box lid) and can be chosen on either the Options menu on the title screen or the in-game pause menu. If the player quits the puzzle in Free Play without completing it, he/she has the option to resume it upon selecting Free Play mode.

Free Play mode is the traditional playing mode and allows players to select any jigsaw puzzle they want to try out in each of the 8 categories. Most of the puzzles in each category are locked and require the player to play the other game mode (Time Challenge) in order to unlock them in Free Play. In the Time Challenge mode, the player must solve 48 puzzles in order to unlock medals, as well as unlocking these unique puzzles in Free Play and unlocking minigames in the Extras menu.

The Extras menu consists of 4 games: Shape Sorter (where players must solve jigsaw puzzles with uniquely shaped puzzle pieces), Sliding Block (a sliding puzzle game), Spot The Difference (a classic game where players must spot differences between the two pictures shown onscreen) and Nintendo DSi Camera (a feature that is uniquely available to Nintendo DSi consoles and allows players to solve jigsaw puzzles with a photo just taken on camera).

The game also allows players to race against each other with jigsaw puzzles using DS Wireless Communications.

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