Jeopardy! - Nintendo DS

Jeopardy! - Nintendo DS

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The 2010 version of venerable TV game show Jeopardy! brings Alex Trebek and 2,400 new questions to Nintendo's two major platforms. Both versions allow up to three players to compete in a full episode of the show, with computer-controlled contestants optionally filling in any empty seats. Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy sections of the show are all recreated, with an authentic virtual recreation of the set, and stat tracking for profiles (including questions successfully answered, lifetime winnings, and more).

There are three levels of difficulty. The easiest level provides four multiple-choice answer options for every question. The medium and hard levels require the player to begin typing in their answer, but provides a list of auto-complete options in a corner window. Medium difficulty starts suggesting at 3 letters, while hard won't suggest until 5 letters have been typed in. Due to the auto-complete ability, perfect spelling is required much more in this version than previous console ports.

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