[Japanese] Popeye - Game Boy Classic

[Japanese] Popeye - Game Boy Classic

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Popeye is an action game based on the Popeye comics. Popeye finds himself in a maze (everything except the characters are shown from a top-down view) and needs to find both his girlfriend Olive and a heart within a time limit. After both are found, his adopted baby Swee'Pea appears which needs to be touched to end the level. This is made more difficult by Bluto who may relocate the heart, sets out deadly enemies and generally looks for a fight with Popeye. This costs both time and, if she was already collected, Olive needs to be found again. Wimpy puts out hamburgers which block the path. However, if Popeye collects a randomly appearing spinach can, he can kill enemies and destroy the hamburgers for a limited amount of time. The game features three courses which five levels each.

Completely playable in English.


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