[Japanese] Mario & Wario - Super Nintendo

[Japanese] Mario & Wario - Super Nintendo

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Mario & Wario is a puzzle game that is compatible with the SNES Mouse. The player chooses Princess Peach (low speed), Mario (medium speed), or Yoshi (high speed), and Wario proceeds to drop a bucket on their head (the object changes in later levels) The player controls Wanda the fairy to guide the now-blinded character through an obstacle course, to reach Luigi waiting at the end. Advancement is continuous and automatic: the object on their head may be tapped to make them turn around, otherwise they'll turn after hitting a wall. Hitting a dangerous obstacle (spikes or enemies) results in losing a life. Items, such as Coins, Stars, Mushrooms, and 1-Up Mushrooms can grant 1-Ups and more time. At the end of every world, a bonus level is played where Wanda hits Wario in his plane to earn coins.


  • This game will require either a modified console, or a Japanese console to play.
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