Jam Sessions - Nintendo DS

Jam Sessions - Nintendo DS

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Jam Sessions is a reworked and localized version of the Japan-only DS title Hiite Utaeru DS Guitar M-06. It is a rhythm/music game, but rather than only offering musical challenges like other games in the genre, it can also be used as a tool - a pocket guitar. Simulating a guitar, the game part allows players to go through a list of famous songs. The chords are selected on the D-pad while the stylus is used to simulate strumming on the screen. Alternately, the L-button can be used to strum. The details are worked out thoroughly - speed and power change the sound, and downstrokes sound different from upstrokes. With only one strum string shown, only chord progression can be performed and no individual riffing or picking. The game does not punish players for not doing well, songs just keep on going regardless of the player's performance. There is a tutorial and warm up mode to get familiar with the controls.

As a tool, it allows players to compose their own songs and add a variety of effects. These include distortion, low cut, high cut, delay, chorus and flanger with extensive settings for each of them. These can be set invariably or made touch-specific. When using headphones or external speakers, the DS microphone can be used to sing along. Additionally, the DS can be plugged in to an amplifier via the headphone jack to output a more natural sound. A US re-release include a mini-amp in the package. Instead of using a stylus, pick-shaped variants were also made available.

In the top screen, players can add a metronome, guide bars and tab guides, along with different backgrounds and templates. Up to five different compositions can be saved.

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