Iron Man - Nintendo DS

Iron Man - Nintendo DS

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Mostly based on the 2008 movie Iron Man, this videogame of the one-man-army hero has been released for seven different platforms. The NDS version, by A2M, is the most different one.

The game of Iron Man puts you under the skin of Tony Stark. He is a billionaire weapon-industrialist and genius inventor who, after being kidnapped by terrorists who want to force him to build weapons for them, builds an armor instead to escape. Since then, he decided to stop producing weapons and keeps on working on the suit to fight them back.

The games take the story further, giving the player the chance to go through 8 different missions, divided in by air and by foot missions, and even fight villains that do not appear on the movie, like Whiplash and Titanium Man. All this is shown through images between every mission, which use the voices of the actors of the movie like Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard.

As for the game mechanics, by foot or by air, with the first armor at the beginning and in the characteristic red and gold suit later, using range weapons or melee attacks, the game features Stark fighting with armies of soldiers, tanks, helicopters, canons, etc. with the help of an array of upgradeable weapons like missiles, micro-grenades, repulsive shots, EMP blasts, a flame thrower and the powerful "Unibeam". Both the weapons and the suit (propulsion and armor systems) are upgradeable using the points that each mission regards you.

In the handling section, the next approach is used: move with a given set of controls, aim with another. In addition, there is also a button for repulsors (extra propulsion) to fly faster. The NDS touchscreen is used for aiming 360-wise, touching in a given direction from the center of the screen, and the pad is used for moving.

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