Invisimals - Playstation Portable (PSP)

Invisimals - Playstation Portable (PSP)

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One of our top Japanese engineers, Keni Nakamura, has discovered a way to see things that are hidden from the human eye. An entire new species has been revealed, made up of strange little animals that live among us in every country, town and home across the globe.
Keni calls them Invizimals and he needs your help to complete his research. Try to catch and learn about as many Invizimals as possible and let them go head-to-head in battles. But beware: other people are after this amazing discovery, too.
• Search for Invizimals in your own home with your PSP® or your PS Vita system.
• Face off against friends online to evolve and develop new skills.
• Trade your captured Invizimals and build up a customized collection.

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