Inversion - Xbox 360

Inversion - Xbox 360

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Inversion is a third-person shooter set in the near future and the fictional Vanguard City. Players control the cop Davis Russel when the city is invaded by an unknown enemy called the Lutadore and his daughter Leila is kidnapped. The game starts at the end of the story, when he is captured and about to be executed, and the preceding events are then played as separate episodes in a flashback, leading up to the final moment. The game starts at the beginning of the invasion when Russel patrols the city and the first sightings are called in.

Much of the game is played like a classic third-person shooter with different weapons, cover-based movement, and different teams of AI-controlled allies that provide assistance but cannot be controlled directly. The game's distinct feature is the manipulation of gravity. The Lutadore have mastered this technology and early on the game Russel also gets access to it. The gravlink device is worn as a backpack and allows him to manipulate gravity to his advantage. It is used to lift obstacles, objects and opponents, and to grab objects and hurl them at the enemy. The technology can also be used to lift opponents from their covered position. Later in the game the gravlink becomes stronger and it can be used to pin enemies to the ground or to lift objects to construct a makeshift cover position. The manipulation of objects is not done entirely freely, as it applies only to some items and not all of the environment can be transformed.

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