Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Crazy Maze - Playstation 1

Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Crazy Maze - Playstation 1

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According to the story of Gadget's Crazy Maze, Inspector Gadget's mysterious arch-nemesis is up to no good once again. This time, the MADD ringleader Dr. Claw has been creating mind-control crystals on his secret moon base, then tossing them down to Earth. If the crystals lay dormant for a short amount of time, they will activate, taking control of the consciousness of the whole world. To make sure no one disturbs them, Dr. Claw has spread them all around four different areas and inserted his vile henchmen to protect them.

This sets the scene for a game in which the player uses Inspector Gadget to find crystals that are scattered around the game area and neutralize them. He does so by arranging three or more crystals of the same colour in a straight line at which point they turn into coins that can be collected for points. Also in the game area are objects such as hammers which, when collected, can be fired on a spring from within his hat to daze the bad guys.

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