In the Groove - Playstation 2

In the Groove - Playstation 2

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In The Groove is a dancing game similar to the games in the Dance Dance Revolution series. Gameplay involves watching arrows scroll up on top of a music video and the player has to step on the corresponding arrows on the dance mat in time. Performing well will start a combo meter going up, but if the player misses to many the game will end. The unique aspect of the game is arrow modification. Arrows can be modified which can alter the difficulty with things such as no jumps, spinning, or increased speed making things easier or harder for the player.

The game consists of several modes:
  • Dance Mode: lets the player choose to play with either one (Singles) or two (doubles) dance pads. Players can choose to play through one to seven songs, or an endless amount if event is selected.
  • Battle Mode: lets the player compete against another player or a computer controlled opponent. Both players share a life bar and a three leveled combo gauge. If one of the players fills the combo gauge, a random arrow modifier will be activated for the opposing player.and depending what level the combo gauge was at, the more stronger the modification that will be added. The winner is the player who has the longer life bar at the end of a song.
  • Marathon Mode: the game lets players select from preset packages of songs. Players have to complete four or five of these songs in a row. The songs can be played with a Normal or an Intense option selected, with the Intense option increasing the difficulty. Beating a package of songs opens up more packages to choose from.
  • Fitness Mode: players enter their weight and indicate their weight loss goal. Then they can select a song, a package of songs, or an endless amount of random songs. The game counts the calories being burned during the play session.
  • Practice Mode: lets the player practice any part of a song. There is also an in-game interactive tutorial video to ease the player into the gameplay.
The game contains over 70 songs that have between four or five different difficulty settings (Novice, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert). The game also keeps track of the players scores.

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