Imagine Detective - Nintendo DS

Imagine Detective - Nintendo DS

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Play as Kirsten Spark, a teenage private investigator fighting for truth and justice in the town of Summer Hill. This game plays like an old adventure title but is targeted towards a younger audience.

During the game the player must solve five different cases using Kirsten's multiple abilities. These cases range from teaching bullies a lesson to investigating mysterious events in the Chenokee Forest, where the Chenokee tribe lived in the past. To solve the cases the player must play different mini-games, each portraying one of Kirsten's abilities. The player also has to look around for clues in specific locations and interrogate people.

The cases take place in various parts of the Summer Hill town, such as Summer Hill High School, a marina, an open mall, the Chenokee Forest, the town hall and Kirsten's grandma's mansion.

After solving each case, Kirsten documents all her findings in a personal blog. During the course of the game her blog can get popular and generate more income.

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