Igor: The Game - Nintendo DS

Igor: The Game - Nintendo DS

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Igor has created Eva in order to win the Evil Science Fair, but Eva has been kidnapped! In the game, Igor will learn how to create new monsters in order to win tournaments, with the help of his two friends, Brain and Scamper. Together, they try to find Eva and prepare for the ultimate battle against Dr. Schadenfreunde.

Igor: The Game is a mix between puzzle-fighter style gameplay framed in an adventure setting. During battles, your performance in the puzzle game determines how your power charges up to hit your opponent. The player can decide whether to attack quickly using many light, low damage attacks or to save up their power to unleash a single, devastating attack.

The other main focus of the game is the actual creation of the creatures. The player can create his own monster from scratch, customizing it however he likes. Over the course of the game the player is able to make many fun, unique creatures, some better suited to different opponents than others.

Build, upgrade and take your Evil Creatures to battle. Beat other evil inventions in tournaments and reach your ultimate goal to rescue Eva and become the most evil scientist of the year!

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