I Spy: Fun House - Nintendo DS

I Spy: Fun House - Nintendo DS

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I Spy Fun House is another digital adaptation of the long-running series of children's books by Walter Wick, this time with an amusement park theme. The objective is to find and click on all the objects described in a verse at the bottom, on screens depicting locations and attractions of the park. The objects move or display a little animation after being clicked to indicate the correct selection. After all the required items are found, the verse is replaced with a final clue to a hidden ticket.

The tickets unlock new areas and mini-games. Eleven tickets are necessary to enter the Fun House area, while extra tickets open the mini-games. These bonus games are implementations of classic concepts, where the player has to match tiles by swapping pairs on concentric circles, fit tetrominoes shapes inside the limited space of a box, click on the differences between several similar pictures and other challenges. There are no hints or hint button available to show the location of the objects, and no time limit or penalty for wrong clicks.

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