Hyrule Warriors - Nintendo Wii U

Hyrule Warriors - Nintendo Wii U

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Hyrule Warriors is a hack and slash action game set in The Legend of Zelda universe with gameplay very similar to Tecmo Koei Games' Dynasty Warriors series where characters fight in battles against hundreds of enemies at once. The game is set in the Zelda world of Hyrule and you start with Link as a Hylian soldier trainee. The world's evil presence Ganondorf was once defeated and his soul was split into four fragments that were hidden in different places. Even though Ganondorf was defeated he managed to influence the sorceress Cia to open portals in time where monsters are able to pass through. At the start of the game Hyrule castle is under attack and rookie Link manages to impress on the battlefield. In the confusion Zelda disappears and Hyrule castle is captured. Link investigates with Zelda's trustee Impa and is given the trademark green outfit, offered to the hero who can restore the balance of the Triforce.

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