Hotel Transylvania - Nintendo DS

Hotel Transylvania - Nintendo DS

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Based on the 2012 Sony Pictures Animation movie, Hotel Transylvania puts players as the role of Mavis (teenage daughter of Count Dracula), who must embark on a quest to save her new friend Johnny from the evil master chef Quasimodo (who plans to make him the soup de jour for Mavis' 118th birthday party).

The gameplay for both DS and 3DS versions takes a simplistic side-scrolling platform approach where players must guide Mavis throughout the hotel, defeating a myriad of monsters along the way.

Mavis can also talk to several characters within the hotel to carry out several missions in order to reach Johnny's location. The control pad (and Circle Pad for 3DS) for both consoles control Mavis' movement, while B allows her to jump and holding A allows her to walk.

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