Hot Wheels: All Out - Game Boy Advance

Hot Wheels: All Out - Game Boy Advance

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Hot Wheels: All Out is a handheld racing game based on the car toys with the same name. The game is played from an isometric perspective and lets the player race around with 19 different classic Hot Wheels cars including Phantasm, Bullygoat and Firestorm. The action takes place on four tracks each with its own theme. These are city, ice, volcano and jungle. Each track has its own obstacles that the player has to watch out for. In the city there is manholes and old ladies, while on the ice track the player has to avoid snowmen and polar bears. In addition to just racing around, the player can also use Nitro and slow motion features.

Four game modes are available: The quick play mode brings the player straight into the action. The player chooses location car and mode and then then the track is randomly selected. Second, challenges come in five different variants: In VS the player competes against AI controlled cars and has to come first. In Collector the player has to collect items before time runs out. In Pursuit the player has to catch up with a criminal car before time runs out. In Eliminator the last placed player gets eliminated. In Beat the Clock the player races against the clock.

The third game mode is the ultimate challenge where the player can win the All Out trophy. Here the player will have to complete multiple challenges in turn to unlock the next one.


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