Horsez - Playstation 2

Horsez - Playstation 2

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Following the tradition of the Petz series for PC, Ubisoft brings now the series to the DS. This time with horses.

In Horsez the player plays Ginger, a young girl that receives a pony from a friend that leaves the country. Horsez is one of the Petz games that focuses mainly on training your pet in order to participate in competitions. As usual, there is also caring tasks like feeding, bathing, brushing, etc. so the pony grows healthy and strong, but the final goal will still be to train your horse in cross, jump and dressage and win at horse sport events worldwide. Other traditional elements of the series, like dressing your horse and Ginger for exhibition purposes or even toys when the player still owns a foal, also appear in Horsez.

As for the wireless gameplay, in addition to the usual sharing of pets with other game owners, there is also the possibility to send sick horses to the Imagine: Animal Doctor.

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