Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (Special Edition) - Playstation 2

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (Special Edition) - Playstation 2

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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is the second game in the Harvest Moon series to appear on the PS2. It is almost identical to the original GameCube version, but carries some new features, granting it the Special Edition title, as there is no regular release for this platform.

The game simulates the everyday chores of farm life. When the player's character arrives in the Forget-Me-Not-Valley, he is given a tour on his new farm and starts with some seeds and a single cow. The game is divided in different chapters that end when certain requirements are met. Tasks include raising cattle and taking care of them, fishing, cooking, sowing seeds, and trading your goods with the local merchants. The player can also explore the valley and meet its inhabitants.

New features for the PS2 version include up to four wives to marry, to have a son or a daughter with a mini career path, new farming equipment such as the fertilizer machine, and a free play mode to continue playing when all the chapters have been completed.

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