Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Playstation 1

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Playstation 1

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From Argonaut, developers of the first Harry Potter game for PlayStation, comes the sequel, with mostly the same gameplay style and mechanics. To master his second year at magic school Hogwarts and discover the mystery behind the Chamber of Secrets, Harry must make his way through a 3D action adventure.

The game is more varied than its predecessor. In addition to platforming and maze sections, where magic must be used to fight monsters and solve puzzles, there are a variety of mini-games, like de-gnoming a garden by throwing gnomes over a fence or catching falling pipes thrown by a ghoul. There are also some unique action sequences, including traveling by floo powder, which entails sliding down a narrow path at high speed, or fleeing from the Hogwarts Express in a flying car. As in the first game, there are also Quidditch matches.

Another big part of the game are wizarding duels: these take the form of a best-of-three bout, where the two wizards zap each other with magic while trying to evade the other's spells until one duelist's health is down.

Also returning from the first game are collectible Every Flavour Beans and Famous Wizard Cards. The beans act as currency to buy cards, while the cards themselves are required to access certain duels.

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