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Halo 5: Guardians is a first-person shooter, the fifth main game in the futuristic Halo series. It is the second game in the Reclaimer Saga, a new sub-series created by 343 Industries after they took over development from original Halo developer Bungie. The game is set in 2558, eights months after the events of the Spartan Ops game mode of Halo 4. The game's story relies strongly on the player's knowledge of the lore, past events and spin-offs and does not rehash what has happened before.

The main campaign consists of fifteen levels that can be played alone or with up to four players online with drop-in/drop-out multiplayer and four difficulty levels. It is played from the alternating perspectives of two Spartan fireteams. The first one, the Spartan-II Blue team, consists of Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, Linda-058 (sniper), Kelly-087 (scout) and Fred-104 (CQB Specialist). The second one, the Spartan-IV Osiris team is led by ONI agent Jameson Locke and consists of Holly Tanaka (engineer), Vale (pilot and translator) and Edward Buck (trooper). When playing alone the team mates can be issued commands to attack specific targets or to move to certain locations. They will also revive the player character when down.

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