Guitar Hero: World Tour (Dual Guitar Bundle) - Nintendo Wii

Guitar Hero: World Tour (Dual Guitar Bundle) - Nintendo Wii

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Guitar Hero: World Tour is the fourth main game in the series and brings a major change to the concept. Following the release of Rock Band that built on the Guitar Hero concept but added additional instruments, World Tour introduces these as well to allow players to play together simultaneously as a real band. Next to the guitar that was the main peripheral for the previous titles, the bundled edition of the game adds a microphone for the vocal parts and drums for percussion. Just like the previous game, the guitar tracks are split up for the lead and bass. The lyrics and the vocal pitch is shown near the top of the screen, while the bottom part is split up for bass guitar, lead guitar and drums, each with a separate set of notes that need to be hit to correctly play the part.

While playing, a rock meter keeps track of successive notes hit (one for each player), which leads to score multipliers. When the meter becomes too low, other players can make up for this on a shared, general performance meter. In the same vein players share a star power meter, built up by playing through certain sections successfully, that any player can access.

Includes two guitars, and game!

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