Guilty Gear Xrd: -Revelator - Playstation 4

Guilty Gear Xrd: -Revelator - Playstation 4

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Following on from the previous game in the Guilty Gear 2D fighting game series, Guilty Gear Xrd: -Sign-Guilty Gear Xrd: -Revelator- adds more to the series than ever more.

In addition to new characters (either obtained in-game or through DLC) and the usual Story, Arcade and Versus modes, new modes can help first-time players get an early advantage on their more advanced foes. Players can now choose one of two control types, each with a different way of controlling a fighter, work out flaws in their execution with the "Virtual Stick", and lots more. And, if the player is new to fighting games, they can always call up a FAQ from the Pause menu to get the answers to any questions they may have.

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