Gravel - Xbox One

Gravel - Xbox One

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Gravel is an off-road arcade racing game with environments such as Alaska, Namibia and Polynesia. The player can choose various types of vehicles like speed cross cars, cross country SUVs and trophy trucks and compete against AI or online opponents in four tracks categories. In wild rush tracks they race in huge and wild environments such as Alaska and Namibia, in Land Rush they compete in circuits created from real world environments like Monte Bianco and Polynesian Atolls, in Speed Cross they can race in real speed cross circuits like Loheac and Montalegre and finally in Stadium circuits the player can compete against opponents in small stadium tracks.

The career mode is presented like a TV channel called Gravel Channel where the player is a reality show competitor. Through the episodes, they have to beat four bosses, each for a specific category and then the final boss, who is the winner of last year's show. The other two single-player modes are time attack, in which the player can defeat a best time on a certain circuit, and weekly challenge, where they have to finish a race under conditions defined by the designers.

Gravel includes a multiplayer mode, in which the player can compete against seven other opponents in the same single-player circuits and also in other two game modes: capture the flag and king run.

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