Graffiti Kingdom - Playstation 2

Graffiti Kingdom - Playstation 2

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Prince Pixel is in a pickle. His parents have been kidnapped by an evil demon, called... Demon! Pixel has to rely on the power of Graffiti and his pet dog Pastel to release his parents from peril. The story follows Pixel around 22 levels in which he does various tasks with the help of creatures made with his magic wand.

The gameplay is that of a basic action RPG where one battles monsters, jumps on platforms and gains stuff which will help them advance through the game.

The power of Graffiti enables the Prince to animate anything. Anything at all. With Graffiti, the player can make their own monsters which are theirs to control. For example, if they make a monster with huge feet, that monster will be able to jump high, whereas if they make one with huge spiked arms, it will probably pack quite a punch.

Monster construction is very free, and that means the player can draw anything, and "make them alive". Players can draw different parts of a monster, attach them to each other as they please, add a few accessories, paint the parts, and define which part is a hand, leg or an attacking device. Only the player's imagination is the limit.

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