Gopher - Atari 2600

Gopher - Atari 2600

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A pesky gopher is after your carrot patch! Your goal is to stop it before all of your carrots are gone. The gopher will be tunneling in the ground at the bottom of the screen; you are at the top and need to fill in the gophers tunnels with your shovel. The gopher is fast, however, and if you don't fill in the tunnels quick enough it will make it to the surface and run off with one of your carrots! If the gopher manages to take all of your carrots, the game will be over. From time to time there will be a duck that flies overhead. As the duck passes by, it will drop a seed; if you catch the seed and plant it, a new carrot will grow to replace one of the ones that was stolen. Several difficulty levels are included, which control the speed and intelligence of the gopher, and whether or not the duck will appear.

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