Golden Balls - Nintendo DS

Golden Balls - Nintendo DS

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Golden Balls is based on the popular UK game show of the same name. Players compete for a cash prize. They pick a golden ball, each with a cash value usually. However, among the lot there are also killer balls that reduce the final jackpot. The player can use a bluff-o-meter, measuring the trustworthiness of each opponent. The computer-controlled opponents may lie about the cash value contained in each of their golden balls, it is for the player to decide who to choose and ultimately who is telling the truth. When the final two contestants face each other, having eliminated all the others, they must choose between "split" and "steal". If they both select "split", they share the prize 50-50, however they get nothing if both opt for "steal". When there is one "split" and one "steal", the player who chose "steal" takes all the money.

The game offers a multiplayer component supporting up to two players. Since a normal game of Golden Balls is designed for four people, at least two of them are always NPCs.

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