Gitaroo Man Lives! - Playstation Portable (PSP)

Gitaroo Man Lives! - Playstation Portable (PSP)

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U-1 is an ordinary boy who dreams about becoming an excellent skateboarder to impress Pico, the girl of his dreams. Little does U-1 know that he is the last descendant of Gitaroo Man, an incredible superhero with the power to battle foes with his magical guitar. It's up to you, as U-1, to vanquish the villains and win the girl as Gitaroo Man!

Gitaroo Man Lives! is an enhanced remake of Gitaroo Man for the PS2. You take the role of U-1, and fight enemies by playing your guitar. There are multiple phases of battle in Gitaroo Man Lives! The first is the Charge phase - during this phase, you must tilt the Analog Stick in the direction that an on-screen line shows, as well as holding the Circle Button when prompted. The better you do here, the more power you will have to fight with for the Battle Phase. In this phase, you alternate between Attacking (similar to Charge Phase), and Guarding (press the appropriate buttons as they appear on-screen to block attacks.) Success in these two phases will lead you into the Final Phase, where you must finish off your enemy.

Gitaroo Man Lives! is also compatible with Ad Hoc Mode for multiplayer play. Up to two players can play, either choosing to fight against each other in VS Mode, or to play co-operatively in the PSP exclusive Duet Mode. In this mode, all-new songs have been created for two players to battle with.

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