Generator Rex: Agent Of Providence - Playstation 3

Generator Rex: Agent Of Providence - Playstation 3

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Based on the kids' show on Cartoon Network, Generator Rex: Agent of Providence is a beat-em-up action game where players control the pivotal character Rex as he continues to combat the E.V.O.'s (Exponentially Variegated Organisms) and nanite problems which plague the Earth.

The story revolves around Rex attempting to stop villain Van Kleiss from threatening the Earth. Rex journeys through the game collecting--or attempting to collect--blueprints and evidence against Van Kleiss. Throughout the adventure, Rex must also work to regain powers lost from an event early in the game, and also absorbs the nanites in some infected people--many of whom have turned into monsters. As Rex is an amnesiac, clues to his past can also be gathered in various places in the game.

Rex's powers include the Smackhands (giant robotic fists), Slam Cannon, BFS (Big Fat Sword), Funchucks (massive spinning club-fists inspired by nunchucks), and a few others. Many of them must be re-earned as the player progresses through the game. While the game typically plays as a beat-em-up, there are brief breaks featuring stages with shooting-heavy driving, and a falling sequence which has players dodging E.V.O. monsters and other debris. When in the Providence headquarters, players can replay completed stages in time trial challenges.

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