Game Party: Champions - Nintendo Wii U

Game Party: Champions - Nintendo Wii U

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Game Party Champions is the fifth game in the Game Party series and the 4th exclusive to Nintendo. It has a collection of 8 competitive games, with each one having different variations to unlock in story mode. the game are:

  • Baseball
  • Hoop Shoot
  • Football
  • Ping Pong
  • Water Gun
  • Skill Ball
  • Miniature Golf
  • Air Hockey

Up to four players can participate with three using Wii remotes and one using the Wii U gamepad. There is a party mode where the players are on a board and spin a number to move correspondingly. After a player spins they will have to play one of the games with an objective, if you lose you will have to move back to where you spun. In story mode your brother forces you to go to an arcade and play in a competition that features all of the games and there different variations.

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