Gadget Racers - Playstation 2

Gadget Racers - Playstation 2

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Gadget Racers is a racing game in the Choro Q series. This title differs slightly differently compared to other games. There are no RPG elements to this game, with tracks and races chosen through a menu system similar to a Gran Turismo title rather than talking to other cars.

The player starts by choosing one of six car bodies. Later the other bodies can be purchased through the shop, along with other variants (bodies are purely cosmetic). Upgrading the player's vehicle is done by buying parts. Many of the parts are normal for racing games (engines, tires etc.) with some more specialized parts like wings or skis. Money is gained by completing races, a bonus is added depending on your position.

Game modes included are: Sprint, Grandprix, Engine Regulation, Endurance, Off-Road Regulation, Body Type Regulation, Parts Regulation, and Duel.
  • Sprint races are simple and standard races in three difficulty levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Upper)
  • Grand Prix requires licenses gained from the Driving School, once gained the GP choices are as follows:
    • Country GP
    • Global GP
    • High Grade GP
  • Engine Regulation races are dependent on the horsepower of your engine, and are ranked in 3 classes (Light, Middle, and Heavy)
  • Endurance races feature more laps than the regular races. There are only 5 tracks included in the mode
  • Off-Road Regulations tests the players ability to handle off-road situations. Three grades are available: Dirt Mini, Dirt Big and Dirt HG.
  • Body Type Regulation races are split between 8 styles, and is based on the body type of the player's vehicle
  • Parts Regulation races are designed with the special parts in mind.
  • Duel races are one-on-one races between the player and the computer
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