Forza Horizon - Xbox 360

Forza Horizon - Xbox 360

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Forza Horizon is the fifth game in the racing series but is considered an arcade spin-off rather than a true simulation entry. It is done by a different development team but with the original developers involved. It introduces an open world concept to the series similar to Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012), Burnout Paradise and FUEL. It has a day and night cycle and it is set in Colorado, USA, where the player participates in the fictitious Horizon Festival with a light story. The Horizontal Festival is a central location on the map that acts as a hub to buy new cars, sign up for new events, get paint jobs etc. After a short race to get access to the event, the player is free to leave at any time and explore the surroundings. While the realistic physics the games are known for along with the large variety of cars are retained, novelties include AI traffic with a more forgiving crash system, off-road racing on dirt tracks, and a looser atmosphere with announcers, rivals that shout one-liners, radio DJs on three stations, and an audience at the festival.

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