Fire Fighter - Atari 2600

Fire Fighter - Atari 2600

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A local warehouse has caught fire, and you're the fire fighter who has to come to the rescue! Your goal is to save the worker who is trapped in the warehouse; on the right side of the screen is a firetruck with an adjustable ladder. You can move the ladder to the appropriate floor of the building to climb up and rescue the trapped worker. Depending on which floors have caught fire, the worker will move to the lowest floor he can which isn't burning; you'll need to estimate which floor he'll be on when you position the ladder. Once the worker is safe, you move on to the next (more challenging) level. The fire in the building may spread quickly! If necessary, you can use a fire hose to put out the fire. Of course, you have a limited supply of water so make sure you don't run out! As the levels progress, the building becomes shorter and the fire spreads faster which means you don't have as much time in which to rescue the trapped victims.

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