Finding Nemo Escape To The Big Blue Special Edition - Nintendo 3DS

Finding Nemo Escape To The Big Blue Special Edition - Nintendo 3DS

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Nemo's fish tank friends are sealed up in plastic baggies and ready to make their daring escape! Help Gill, Bloat, Pearl, Jacques and the rest of the Tank Gang make their way to the ocean, and their final destination: the reef itself!

Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue is a game that focuses on the Nintendo DS' unique features in a variety of mini-games, similar to Feel the Magic. It will take a variety of different tasks to get each fish to the reef, including, but not limited to, rolling plastic baggies across busy roads, escaping the clutches of an octopus, swimming away from a deadly angler fish, riding the East Australian Current, and more! Each game is played either with the stylus, or a combination of the stylus and the DS' microphone.

In addition to this, there is also an 'Interactive Reef' feature that allows players to create their own customisable environment for the escaped fish to live in, choosing from either the ocean or an aquarium. It is possible to earn more items for your Reef by scoring well in the mini-games, which convert the points into tokens for you to spend.

There are also three two player multiplayer games that can be played via multi-card multiplayer: Octo-Bash, Hide and Seek, and Pearl Blast. These games are two-player versions of games that you play in the single-player mode.

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