Fighters Destiny - Nintendo 64

Fighters Destiny - Nintendo 64

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The N64 has yet to have a really good fighting game. A few have been passable, but everything to date has been flawed in some fundamental way. Enter Fighters Destiny, a surprisingly original-feeling game, considering how much of it has been "borrowed" from other fighting games. It isn't perfect, but it still blows away the competition by a long shot.

Scoring in Fighters Destiny is done very differently than in other games. Instead of the typical two-out-of-three system, FD uses a point-based system, with each type of takedown giving a different number of points. The first fighter to seven points wins the fight and continues onward. Since points are awarded for takedowns, throws are a higher priority than in most other games. Throws are very easy to break, so don't expect to win all of your fights with a quick hip-toss.


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