Fight Night Champion - Playstation 3

Fight Night Champion - Playstation 3

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The fifth member of EA Sport's Fight Night series brings revisions to the analog "Full-Spectrum Punch Control," small updates to the Legacy Mode career game, and a new story-based "Champion Mode." Engine refinements, such as to the physics and damage models, have also been made.

In response to criticisms regarding Fight Night 4's "Total Punch" controls, Champion ships with support for both face button control and "Full-Spectrum" control. This scheme uses the right analog stick to throw punches, while the left controls the boxer's movements. In Champion, punches are now swung by tapping the right stick in one of eight directions - players no longer have to swipe circular movements for hooks or uppercuts. Players are also now able to keep their guard up and still throw punches. Stats also play a greater part in a fighter's performance, and leveling up a punch unlocks perks along the way. These include "flash knockouts" and "flash knockdowns," which have a chance to instantly send an opponent to the canvas (or an instant KO) every time that punch connects.

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