FIFA Soccer 09 - Playstation Portable (PSP)

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FIFA Soccer 2009 is a football (soccer) game in the long-running FIFA football game series. This PSP edition has a number of differences compared to the high-end console and PC versions.

As with previous FIFA games, you can take control of a team and guide it through its paces on a game by game, season by season basis. As well as the usual updated graphics and rosters, the portable version for the first time features the "Be a Pro" mode that the console versions have had for the 2 previous iterations. Be a Pro mode allows you to take control of a single player over the course of a season, and play match by match. At the end of each game, your performance will be critiqued. Through good performances you will become the captain of your team and possibly called up for your country. Do badly, and you will get less games and eventually get the sack.

Multiplayer games against friends are supported via infrastructure or ad hoc mode, in either a standard team game, or in the new Be a Pro Mode.

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