FIFA Soccer 08 - Nintendo Wii

FIFA Soccer 08 - Nintendo Wii

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EA's FIFA Soccer series makes its debut on the Wii with FIFA Soccer 08. With graphics technology based on the PS2/PC version, the Wii version offers a unique control scheme, its own selection of modes, and several unique mini-games.

The game includes the same licensed teams and players as other versions, with more than 570 teams and more than 14000 players available. Game modes include single matches, tournaments and challenges (asking players to recreate 61 feats from real matches). There is also online play and the interactive leagues mode known from other versions, in which players play their favorite team against other players online according to the real-life schedule. Manager mode and the new Be-A-Pro mode have not made it to the Wii version.

Two different control options are available: the Family Play option (intended for beginners and families) uses only the Wiimote. The athletes move along the pitch automatically and the player's only task is to pass and shoot. The advanced controls use the Nunchuk for movement and the Wiimote for basic actions. Advanced moves require the combined use of both controllers, with much of the same depth as other versions: crosses, through passes and distance shots are possible. To learn the complexities of the advanced controls, a football academy mode is available from the main menu or, optionally, during a game, with new lessons appearing whenever they are needed.

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