FIFA 07 Soccer  - Xbox 360

FIFA 07 Soccer - Xbox 360

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FIFA Soccer 07 marks the first regular appearance of the soccer series on the Xbox 360, after the World Cup-focused FIFA 06 and Germany 2006. The game introduces a new graphics and physics engine and offers its own selection of modes and teams.

Compared to the previous generation's versions, the number of leagues and teams is greatly reduced. Only the top-tier leagues from six countries remain: England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Mexico, along with 37 national teams. Game modes include single matches, manager mode, challenges and various online modes via Xbox Live, managed in the FIFA Lounge. Manager mode differs in various ways from its counterpart in other versions, for example in that experience points gained in matches can be used to enhance players' attributes, and that there is no option to join a simulated game in progress. The challenge mode consists of 85 challenges to be played, grouped into 10 different levels (six for the included leagues, two pan-European club levels, and two international levels), tasking players to win matches under differing conditions per level, like without offside infractions, fouls or substitutions, scoring goals with three different players, maintaining more than 75% ball possession, and many more. Missing from the Xbox 360 version are custom tournaments or leagues and the interactive league mode from the previous-gen version.

Exclusive Xbox 360 features include ESPN news ticker integration via Xbox Live and detailed match statistics, which are updated in halftime and allow for better substitution strategies. The statistics also enable for the picking of the man of the match. The new physics engine introduces more realistic player momentum and independent ball physics, meaning the ball no longer 'sticks' to players' feet but bounces off players realistically.

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